30 Days of Prevention

Benefiting: Stop It Now, Inc.
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The foundation of child sex abuse prevention lies in the ability to speak up and to have a conversation.

By committing to support Stop It Now!, you become a hero. Your donation helps provide the tools and resources to support adults having these difficult conversations, who are in positions to keep children safe.

When you donate or fundraise, you help guarantee that there will be a place to go for guidance and information that is practical and understanging for scared parents with questions about a child’s sexual behaviors or who have seen warning signs of sexual abuse or who think a relative’s actions are concerning.

Stop It Now!’s unique toll-free and confidential Helpline (1.888.PREVENT), email and chat services provide the tools and guidance to have these difficult conversations and take necessary actions to plan for children’s safety - for anyone reaching out for help. Our website and free downloadable materials help adults become informed so they’re confident and prepared to speak and take protective actions.

Through 24 years of innovating programming, Stop It Now! has shown that adults will act to prevent abuse when they have access to accurate information, practical tools, guidance and support.

Be a part of the solution by pledging to support the Stop It Now! Helpline and ensuring that anyone who has a concern about a child’s sexual safety can move out of isolation and fear, and get the support, information and resources they need to keep a child safe.

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